Why Remember God? – No more Pain

In the excerpts below, Gurbani says, by remembering God, meditating and reciting his name, a person can obtain the cure for all ailments. Whether they be the ailments of the mind, body, or soul, the name of God is the cure for all.  Does this mean you can be healed without any medicine or actions? Miracles do happen; however, sometimes, it is because of our prayers and remembrance that we end up in situations that alleviate our pain. Whether it is a person coming to help us (doctor), or finding medicine that works for you. Whether it be a friend suggesting the right solution, or perhaps, a good idea comes to mind.

In addition, when our mind turns to God, that positivity also alleviates a lot of effects of negativity. Science has also proven that the power of positivity is amazing, and there is nothing more positive then the name of God. Gurbani says, Vadaa Sahib, Oocha Thaao, Oocha Oopar, Oochaa Naao. You just have to remember that God can do anything. Sabhna Galaa Samarath Swami So Kyon Manno Visaareh . There is nothing beyond him. Hukmai Andar Sabh Ko, Baahar Hukam Naa Koe. All below is the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. 

Dukh Bhanjani Sahib, Sukhmani Sahib, and many other scriptures from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji deal with pain and suffering. Reading them not only gives us relief from our miseries, it also convinces us that the remembrance of God’s name is most important. The first step  is convincing your mind and having faith. Without trust and faith, the process does not begin. The second step is to praise him at ever step. The next is to submit to his will. Then next comes…??

Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad NaamNaam Aukhdad Jih Ridai

Dukh Bhanjan

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