The purpose of this site is to explore Gurbani and learning the importance of connecting with Waheguru (God).

I am far from perfect, so I ask the Guru and its Sangat to forgive me for any mistakes. In support, I will rely on Gurbani (teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji) and its translations from various sources.

A lot of religious efforts and arguments are focused on what we should and shouldn’t do. What we can and cannot say. What we can and cannot wear. In a sense, it is the external aspects. Sometimes, there are endless debates over very fine details. The details are very important. By reading Gurbani, you connect with teachings of the Guru. By following the rehat (code of conduct) you show that you are dedicated and committed. Following rehat also strengths your discipline and self-control. Everything is necessary and has a role in your life. Reading Gurbani, listening to kirtan, katha, sewa (very important), singing God’s praises, joining Sat Sangat at the Gurdwara or in any other format, sharing what you have learned, and spreading the word of the Guru. However, we can’t lose sight of the basics. It is because we don’t understand the basics that we get confused by the details. From Annand Sahib ||27||:

Anand Sahib 27

One reason being that the current generation and the youth want to know the logic behind every action, practice, custom, and ritual. A lot of times when the adults don’t have answers, people turn away from Religion. Another issue is that there is too much disagreement within religions and with all of the noise, people forget what is important. What is the point of standing there and arguing with someone over which bus route is better, while the buses come and your leave you both.

Gurbani says we have to live a pure life, both internally and externally:

Anand Sahib 20.PNG

For a lot of us, understanding religion typically starts with someone teaching us how to act externally. For most of us, that someone is usually a person in our family. However, the outside should be a manifestation of what we understand and feel on the inside, which is why Gurbani gives important to the Love of God.  From Sri Tva Prasad Savaiye ||9||, we read:

Where there is love, there is remembrance, understanding, appreciation, trust, obedience, loyalty and when necessary, sacrifice (not the ritualistic kind). This site will focus on the first but most important part, and that is Simran (remembrance).  Simran is the tool with which we will connect with God. By remembering him and connecting with him. Through Simran and our desire to connect with him, we will automatically seek out the other qualities. Without the yearning, the remembrance, the pain of separation, we will not seek out or obtain the other qualities to the extent that we need to. True saints are those who have limitless love for the limitless One.

The rest of the site will be dedicated to showing the important of remembering God, calling or repeating his name (his lovers have given him many), reciting prayers with love and concentration, and meditating on the Shabad (the Word).

Once again, may Waheguru and the Sangat forgive me for any wrong doing.

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