No More Worries

Why Remember God? – No More Worries

These days, anxiety is common. Family support systems are less common; consequently, people are not able to address their internal demons. Secondly, everything is publicized and passed around on social networks, which adds to the problems when things are going wrong. We are constantly connected to news, media, people, work, and other sources of potential anxiety. We connect to everything accept the one source that deserves our attention. The one source that brings true peace, GOD!

Peace is hard to find. Think about your day. Think about your lifestyle. Of all the things that we accomplish, gain, or obtain, what has brought you true peace? Probably not much. Everything comes with worries and stress. Some of us have a higher capacity to handle it than others, but we are all vulnerable to our worries. One of the reasons to remember God is to rid yourself of worries. When you constantly remember him, pray to him, trust him, and let him reside in your heart, you need not to worry any longer. From Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji:

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